Thursday, January 7, 2010

State Of California VS Federal Government - Fight Over Bride Name Change In California 2010

In 2010 California & The United States Federal Government In A Show down Over Bride Last Name Change Protocol – The Name Change Kit For Brides Software - From Miss To Mrs. – At Home Bride Name Change Software

Changes in bride and groom name change law in 2007, due to one groom who did not want to change his last name via the courts, leads to unintended consequences and inconvenience to thousands of couples marrying in 2009, and now in 2010. One such change insists upon each marrying female to declare their new last name at the issuance of the marriage license. However, if not declared at that time, name change must be secured through the courts. The process is like that of changing one’s first or middle or last name, not due to marriage. This inconvenience forces each bride to make a decision they may not have decided yet to make. Or, if a decision is made by the female marriage license applicant, to not change her last name, she can not undo the same without going through the courts. In short, non-compliance to newest California Marriage License & Name Change Laws will directly affect a woman’s right to change her last name nationally! For More Information On These Changes And Others Which Affect Those Californian’s Marrying In 2010, Contact – 1 800 274 0675.

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